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Joint British/Kenya training exercise

British soldiers and their Kenyan counterparts exercise together with both militaries benefitting. Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and BATUK (British Army Training Unit- Kenya) recently wrapped...

Kenyan troops in DRC patrol for safety and better socio-economic conditions

Reconnaissance and other patrols by Kenya Defence Forces (KDFs) troops deployed in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as part of the East African Community...

Kenya commissions MD 530F helicopters

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have commissioned into service the six new MD 530F helicopters recently delivered from the United States. Chief of the Defence...

MD Helicopters receives order for six Kenyan MD530Fs

MD Helicopters has received an order to deliver six MD530F Cayuse Warrior armed light helicopters for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), after...

Kenyan MD500 crash kills two

Both crew aboard a Kenyan Army MD500MD Defender helicopter succumbed to their injuries sustained after crashing while attempting to land earlier this...

Rising Kenyan defence spending to hit $5.5 billion by 2018

A new report says Kenya's annual defence budget will grow from the US$4.3 billion recorded in the last few years to US$5.5...