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JSE suspends Denel bonds trading

Embattled Denel finds itself not able to trade its bonds on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), another blow to the beleaguered State-owned company (SOC)...

Africa’s growing firms shun Jo’burg for London

When Zambian farming firm Zambeef Products began considering a dual listing of its stock, it looked at both the Johannesburg exchange and...

South Africa further relaxes exchange controls

South Africa said it would further relax foreign exchange controls to allow companies to top up capital in their offshore businesses and...

Big business a threat to economic freedom

Big companies taking capital out of South Africa is a bigger threat to economic freedom than ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema,...

Black share of JSE about 24%: Solidarity

Assumptions that black ownership on the JSE is only about 5%, are false, Solidarity says. The trade union says the actual figure...