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Nigerian JF-17 deliveries apparently complete

The Nigerian Air Force has apparently taken delivery of its third and final JF-17 Thunder fighter from Pakistan. Photos emerged on social media on 29...

First Nigerian JF-17 Thunder arrives home

The Nigerian Air Force appears to have taken delivery of its first JF-17 Thunder fighter jet from Pakistan. Video emerged on social media showing a...

Nigerian JF-17 pilots training in Pakistan

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) pilots and crew for the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet have started their training in Pakistan as Nigeria prepares to take...

Nigerian JF-17 contract moving forward

Pakistan has provided an $184 million government guarantee to cover production of JF-17 Thunder fighter jets for the Nigerian Air Force as...

Nigerian Air Force acquisitions revealed in budget

The Nigerian government has approved a part-payment of $47 million towards the Nigerian Air Force's (NAF's) procurement of three JF-17 Thunder fighter...

Nigeria acquiring JF-17 fighters

The Nigerian Air Force aims to acquire three JF-17 Thunder fighter jets this year, and has budgeted $25 million towards this. It...