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Peacekeeping is a tool for political, not military solutions – Eliasson

United Nations peacekeeping is "a tool to advance political, not military, solutions to conflict," Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson told the UN Special...

Africa Week underway at UN HQ

While many African countries and communities have made progress in peace and security, human rights, good governance and the rule of law,...

Africa’s achievements and challenges under UN microscope

While there has been great social and economic progress across Africa, its economies have not kept pace with legitimate demands, including providing...

The Rwanda genocide 20 years on

Twenty years after the Rwanda genocide where the "consequences of failing to heed the warning signs were monumentally horrifying" the world must...

U.N. says peacekeeping base in South Sudan attacked, deaths reported

A United Nations peacekeeping base in South Sudan's Jonglei state was attacked on Thursday and the organization has received reports that some...

“Horrific” situation in CAR

With the Central African Republic (CAR) reportedly descending into "complete chaos," a top UN official has called on the international community for...