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Italy expelled Moroccans on suspicion of Pope plot

Two Moroccan students deported from Italy last month were suspected of plotting to assassinate Pope Benedict, an Interior Ministry source says. Mohamed...

EU agrees to press Libyans, Swiss over visa row

European Union foreign ministers agreed yesterday to push Switzerland and Libya to resolve a row threatening EU energy interests after Libya barred...

Cooperation with Libya on migrants at risk: Italy

Italy said yesterday Libya may renege on a deal to control the flow of illegal immigrants because of a visa spat with...

Italy offers Somalia help, urges others to follow

Italy offered on Thursday to help form an anti-terrorist police force for Somalia and urged other international donors to fulfil pledges of...

Libya receives first of six patrol boats

Italy has given Libya three patrol boats as part of a deal aimed at combating the flow of illegal migrants making the...


Joint Standing Committee on Defence shows short memory span

Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Defence (JSCD) publicly acknowledged the “exceptional leadership” of outgoing SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Chief General Solly Shoke last...