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Libya says stops hundreds of Italy-bound migrants

Libya's government said it intercepted hundreds of Africans bound for Italy on a fishing boat, though the migrants said they were tricked...

Italy’s PM in austerity race, IMF denies in aid talks

Italy's prime minister faces a testing week as he seeks to shore up the country's strained public finances, with an IMF mission...

Italy’s Monti in austerity race as IMF role eyed

Prime Minister Mario Monti faces a testing week seeking to shore up Italy's strained public finances, with an IMF mission expected in...

Finmeccanica to sell assets, cuts outlook

Italy's biggest defence company Finmeccanica SpA trimmed its full-year forecast and said it will sell assets to the tune of about 1...

Berlusconi’s end could trigger political earthquake

The fall of Silvio Berlusconi, driven from power to the jeers of hostile demonstrators, is likely to trigger a major political upheaval...

Monti to wind up consultations on Italy government

Italy's Prime Minister-designate Mario Monti concludes consultations to form a new government, one he hopes will last until 2013 and sort out...

Italy anxiously awaits reaction to new premier

Italy anxiously awaits the reaction of financial markets to the appointment of former European Commissioner Mario Monti to head a technocratic government,...

Italy “clear and present danger” to euro zone – Cameron

Italy represents a clear and present danger to the euro zone, said Prime Minister David Cameron. "What is happening in Italy is a...

Italy eyes unity cabinet as EU dithers on crisis

Italy moved closer to a national unity government following Greece's lead in seeking a respected veteran technocrat to pilot painful economic reforms...

Italy’s worried president steps in to calm markets

Italy's president stepped in to try to calm markets after the country's borrowing costs raced to catastrophic levels, saying urgent action would...


Joint Standing Committee on Defence shows short memory span

Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Defence (JSCD) publicly acknowledged the “exceptional leadership” of outgoing SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Chief General Solly Shoke last...