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Islamist militants in Algeria surrender

Seven Islamist militants surrendered to Algerian authorities near the North African country's border with Mali, the defence ministry said. Security forces recovered...

Sharp rise in number of Islamist militant attacks in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa has suffered a sharp rise in the number of Islamist militant attacks with the number of incidents rising from 317...

Anti-insurgency crackdown sees Somali children abused – claim

Somali children suspected of links to the Islamist insurgency are being held in adult jails where they are vulnerable to abuse and...

Suspected Islamist arrested near Tunis parliament building

A suspected Islamist militant was arrested after wounding two policemen in a knife attack near the parliament building in Tunis, Tunisia's interior...

Mali and Niger seek international funding

Mali and Niger, two West African nations worst affected by jihadist violence, appealed for international funding for a regional force to counter...

Kenya will hunt down Islamist attackers – Kenyatta

Kenya will use "deadly force" against suspected Islamist militants, President Uhuru Kenyatta said as he campaigned for re-election in Lamu, a region...

Puntland Security Forces kill 16 insurgents

Somali security forces said they killed 18 Islamist insurgents during an operation in northern Puntland, although militants deny sustaining any casualties. "We killed...

Somalia Islamist insurgency splits

Somalia's insurgency suffered a significant split after government officials confirmed they had sent troops to repel Islamist fighters seeking to capture one...

Spain arrests “highly radicalised” Moroccan with suicide bomb manual

Spanish police arrested a 32-year-old Moroccan in a dawn raid in central Madrid on Tuesday who they said was "highly radicalised" and...

Somali militants kill men accused of rape

Somali Islamist militants said they publicly stoned a man to death and shot another dead after both were accused of raping a...


Mapisa-Nqakula continues to use “security” to evade Parliamentary questions

The free flow of information on border protection successes from military provincial tactical headquarters continues unabated in contrast with answers to Parliamentary questions where...