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Inkunzi Strike almost ready for production

Denel PMP's innovative Inkunzi Strike 20 mm automatic weapon is almost ready for production, with qualification currently underway. The semi-automatic Inkunzi Personal...

Inkunzi Strike to be qualified by March

The PMP Inkunzi Strike 20x42 mm automatic weapon will be qualified by March this year, allowing for production to proceed. The first demonstrator...

Denel offering Inkunzi Strike with SDROW turret

Denel Vehicle Systems' Mechatronics division has integrated PMP's Inkunzi Strike automatic weapon with its SDROW turret. IHS Jane's Defence Weekly reports that the...

PMP developing automatic variant of Inkunzi Personal Area Weapon

Denel PMP is in the process of developing an automatic variant of its 20 mm Inkunzi Personal Area Weapon (PAW), able to...