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Cash crunch driving South Sudan troops and families to the edge

Three years into a civil war and with inflation above 800%, South Sudan's government is struggling to pay its troops. When delayed...

Food inflation entrenched in southern Africa

Food inflation is becoming entrenched in southern Africa and there is little policy makers can do in the face of global markets,...

Kenya price law well meant, seen destined to fail

Kenya's new price control law that allows government to cap the cost of essential commodities is well intentioned with consumer prices soaring...

Zimbabwe food price hikes raise inflationary pressure – FinMin

Zimbabwe's year-end inflation target of 4.5 percent has come under pressure from rising food prices, but the government has no current plans...

Ramadan approaching, Sudanese fret about food prices

Staring at the small handful of change she got back from a merchant after buying spices and beans in a market in...

Botswana inflation to rise, cloud on revenues: IMF

Botswana could experience a temporary rise in inflation, while declining mineral and customs receipts might put a squeeze on government revenues, the...