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Navies won’t eradicate piracy: UK navy chief

Efforts by foreign navies to combat Somali piracy off the Horn of Africa country's coast have made a difference but they will...

Somaliland forces help free Yemeni-flagged ship.

Somaliland forces have helped in releasing a Yemeni-flagged container ship held by Somali pirates for nearly three weeks, Yemeni Interior Ministry said...

EU rescues Pakistan ship left by Somali pirates

A European Union warship rescued a Pakistan-flagged fishing vessel Somali pirates had seized last month and used to hijack another ship, EU...

Somali pirates seize second Yemeni vessel: official

Somali pirates captured a Yemeni vessel on Christmas Day, a day after they seized another ship from the Arab country, a regional...

African pirates are on our radar – Interpol

The global policing group Interpol and Europe's police body have announced that they have joined forces to fight piracy off the Horn...

Pirates free Greek ship after ransom paid

Somali pirates freed the Greek ship Ariana and its 24 Ukrainian crew yesterday after a helicopter dropped a multi-million dollar ransom onto...

Pirates seize Pakistani fishing vessel off Somalia

Somali pirates hijacked the Pakistani-flagged fishing vessel MV Shahbaig last Sunday, the European Union naval force said in a statement. The ship, with...