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ISS: South Sudan’s independence: nothing to celebrate in 2017

For a second time, South Sudan didn't be celebrate its 9 July anniversary of independence. The government announced the cancellation of festivities...

No Independence Day parade in DR Congo this year

Democratic Republic of Congo will not hold its annual Independence Day military parade because of security concerns, an adviser to President Joseph...

Cannibalism, rape and death: trauma as South Sudan turns five

Mass killings, rape, torture, abductions and forced cannibalism have led to an increase in mental illness in South Sudan, with patients routinely...

Sudanese risk post-independence statelessness – UNHCR

Large Sudanese communities could become stateless, deprived of basic rights such as access to jobs and education, unless Khartoum and Juba ensure...

Sudan’s Bashir faces tough balancing act as south goes

As southern Sudanese count down the minutes to independence on July 9, northerners are anxiously contemplating a future with less oil, roaring...