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Rwanda genocide “kingpin” has sentence cut

A UN appeals court reduced the life sentence of a former army colonel who has been accused of masterminding the slaughter of...

Gaddafi daughter seeks ICC probe into his killing

A lawyer for Muammar Gaddafi's daughter said he had written to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to ask if...

Rwandan army officer gets 25 years for genocide

A former Rwandan military officer accused of ordering the killing of up to 50 people was jailed for 25 years yesterday by...

UN Security Council lengthens tribunals for war crimes

The Security Council extended the mandates of the United Nations tribunals set up to deal with the worst atrocities committed during the...

Kenya denies hiding Rwanda genocide suspect

Kenya said yesterday that threats to refer it to the UN Security Council for harbouring a leading Rwandan genocide suspect would not...

Zambia denies shielding Rwanda genocide suspects

Zambia denied reports that it had failed to help Rwandan authorities find and arrest 1994 genocide suspects believed to be living in...