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UN genocide ruling won’t change Israel’s behaviour: three reasons why

South Africa took Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over the latter’s military operation in Gaza, which South Africa calls acts of...

South Africa’s ICJ case has already altered its foreign policy space

South Africa’s decision to take Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on charges of genocide has elicited polarised global responses. Critics accuse...

Lawfare: South Africa at the ICJ

The South African government is proud of its activist foreign policy in speaking out on the big international issues of the day. Its case...

SA speaks at ICJ case

Israel’s response to the Hamas attack on 7 October 2023 has crossed the line and breaches the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of...

Serbia appeals for African backing against Kosovo

Serbia appealed to African states yesterday to back its efforts to block diplomatic recognition of Kosovo independence, warning the continent's own multi-ethnic...