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UN begins food aid airlift to rebel-held Somalia

The United Nations said it had started airlifting food aid to rebel-held parts of drought-hit Somalia and that Islamist insurgents had abided...

Insufficient funds hit Horn of Africa aid efforts

Donor fatigue following recurrent humanitarian crises in the Horn of Africa has left aid agencies short of funds to carry out their...

Kenya becomes difficult US ally in troubled Horn of Africa

As the United States government tries to help improve the volatile situation in the Horn of Africa, it has also had a...

Israel ready to recognize Somaliland

The government of Israel is ready to restore the de jure recognition it had offered to Somaliland in 1960 as it eyes...


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Coronavirus shows why the SANDF needs to be adequately funded

The deployment of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to help fight the COVID-19 novel coronavirus yet again demonstrates the need for a...