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Protector helps Ghanaian authorities hone skills to safeguard shipping in Africa

Normally found off the Antarctic peninsula, surveying un- or poorly-charted waters and carrying out experiments with polar scientists, once autumn descends on...

Royal Navy ice patrol vessel calls on SA Navy

South African sailors, particularly working in hydrographic and climate musterings, have had the opportunity of garnering first-hand information from their colleagues aboard...

HMS Protector cuts through Antarctic ice for first time

The HMS Protector, the Royal Navy's newest ice patrol ship, has cut through the ice floes of Antarctica for the first time,...

HMS Protector arrives in Antarctica

HMS Protector, the Royal Navy's new ice patrol ship, has arrived in Antarctica for the first time after departing Portsmouth on November...

Royal Navy’s new ice-breaker deploys to Antarctica

The Royal Navy's new ice patrol vessel, HMS Protector, has set sail on a seven month deployment surveying and patrolling the frozen...