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Kenya is ready to defend against cross-border attacks

Kenyan security forces are ready to tackle any threats from the rebel group al Shabaab in neighbouring Somalia, a senior regional administrator...

Somali insurgents seize pirate haven

Somali insurgent group Hizbul Islam seized the pirate haven of Haradheere without a fight and pledged to take control of more towns...

Somalis on the move but fewer reach safe havens: UNHCR

Somalis are fleeing fighting around Mogadishu but fewer are reaching safe havens in Yemen or Kenya due to rising insecurity and fears...

Fighting in central Somalia kills at least 16

Fighting in Somalia between a pro-government militia and Islamist rebels killed at least 16 people and injured 34 others in the central...

Fighting in two Somali towns kills at least 18

Fighting killed at least 18 people yesterday in two towns in central Somalia where rebels battled a pro-government militia and each other,...