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Benghazi campaign anniversary commemorated

Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar staged a large military parade for the third anniversary of his campaign to control Benghazi, as his troops...

Libya political roadmap unclear

Rival Libyan camps issued separate statements promising to calm tensions in southern Libya and fight terrorism, but offering no shared way forward...

Three dead after Libya air strike

Forces aligned with the UN-backed government in Tripoli said three of their men were killed in air raids against a desert air...

Russia/Libyan commander link – US general

The head of US forces in Africa has told reporters there was an "undeniable" link between Russia and powerful Libyan commander Khalifa...

Benghazi battle resumes with losses to East Libyan forces

Fierce clashes resumed on Monday at a tower block complex in south-west Benghazi where forces loyal to Libya's eastern government have been...

Egypt brokers Libya peace roadmap without key figures

Libyan factions have tentatively agreed on an Egyptian-brokered roadmap to heal divisions, Egypt said, though the failure to engineer a meeting between...

Five killed in Benghazi battle

Five East Libyan force soldiers were killed in clashes with Islamist-led rivals holed up on the edge of a recently recaptured district...

Russia turns to Libya with show of support for eastern commander

A visit to a Russian aircraft carrier by Libya's Khalifa Haftar has given the eastern–based commander a symbolic boost while signalling Moscow's...

Eastern Libya military commander tours Russian aircraft carrier

Eastern Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar was given a tour of a Russian aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean on Wednesday, Russian media...

East Libyan factions sees possible boost in Trump victory

Allies of Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar, the dominant figure in the divided country's east, have welcomed Donald Trump's victory in the US...


Mapisa-Nqakula continues to use “security” to evade Parliamentary questions

The free flow of information on border protection successes from military provincial tactical headquarters continues unabated in contrast with answers to Parliamentary questions where...