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Biggest-ever series of cyber attacks uncovered, U.N. hit

Security experts have discovered the biggest series of cyber attacks to date, involving the infiltration of the networks of 72 organizations including...

Hackers target intelligence agency contractors

Hackers, likely working for foreign governments, are actively trying to steal classified government data by breaking into the computer networks of contractors...

Tainted electronics pose security threat – US rep

The United States needs to be more wary of computers and other electronics imports that could be laden with malicious software, according...

Facebook, Twitter to face more hacker attacks in 2010

A US-based Web security firm says it expects social networking Web sites to face increased hacker attacks in the new year, but...


Misleading SANDF post removed after defenceWeb intervention

One imagines at least a handful of the more than seven thousand followers of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) LinkedIn social media account...