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Nigerian president pleads with public ahead of strike

President Goodluck Jonathan pleaded with Nigerians to support the removal of fuel subsidies and pledged to cut government salaries, in an effort...

Nigerian unions warns president over fuel subsidy

Nigeria's trade unions have warned President Goodluck Jonathan there could be civil unrest if the go-ahead is given to remove the fuel...

Nigerian president revives nuclear commission

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan revived the country's Atomic Energy Commission, urging members to push ahead with plans to develop nuclear power in...

Nigerian president sacks counter-terrorism chief

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has sacked his special adviser on counter-terrorism, two weeks after a car bomber killed 23 people at the...

Nigerian president’s one-term plan stirs suspicion

President Goodluck Jonathan's plan to change Nigerian presidential tenures to a single, longer term could tackle some of the country's electoral problems...

Nigeria’s dull cabinet reflects compromise culture

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan's largely uninspiring cabinet reflects a political compromise that will make the job of transforming Africa's most populous nation...