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Peacefulness decreases slightly in sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa recorded a slight fall in peacefulness over the last year according to the latest Global Peace Index (GPI) report, produced by the...

Slight deterioration in global peace index

Global peacefulness deteriorated by a very small margin (.07%) over the past year – the smallest change since 2011 as more countries recorded an...

Civil unrest on the rise globally

Global civil unrest is on the rise, as every region of the world has experienced hundreds of civil unrest events over the last decade,...

World becoming more peaceful for the first time in five years

The average level of global peacefulness improved for the first time in five years, with large improvements shown by Sudan, Egypt, Rwanda and Ukraine,...

Global Peace Index shows world is becoming less peaceful

The 2018 Global Peace Index report has revealed that the world is less peaceful now than at any time in the last...

Global violence worsens, driven by Middle East conflicts

The world has become increasingly violent with deaths from conflict at a 25-year high, terrorist attacks at an all-time high and more...

Poverty, inequality driving violence in South Africa

Conflict in South Africa over the past five years has been driven by poverty, inequality, and the slow pace of reform by...

World peace declining after long post-WW II improvement

World peace has deteriorated steadily over the last seven years, with wars, militant attacks and crime reversing six earlier decades of gradual...


Misleading SANDF post removed after defenceWeb intervention

One imagines at least a handful of the more than seven thousand followers of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) LinkedIn social media account...