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Both sides committed war crimes during siege of Syria’s Ghouta

Syrian government troops and affiliated forces committed war crimes and a crime against humanity in their long siege of eastern Ghouta through...

Syrian army celebrates as rebels quit most of their Ghouta

Syrian rebels left one besieged enclave on Friday and agreed to abandon another, leaving only the city of Douma still in insurgent...

Civilians flee as two big Syria battles enter decisive phases

Thousands of civilians were fleeing from besieged enclaves at opposite ends of Syria on Friday as two major battles in the multi-sided...

Syrian army gains ground in intensified Ghouta assault

The Syrian army intensified its onslaught in eastern Ghouta on Saturday with advances that a war monitor and state media said had...

Syrian government ground forces attack Ghouta despite Russian truce plan

Syrian government forces launched a ground assault on the edge of the rebel-held eastern Ghouta enclave on Wednesday, seeking to gain territory...