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Kenya charges five men over Garissa attack

Five men were charged on Thursday in connection with an attack by Somali Islamist gunmen on Garissa University in northeast Kenya that...

Pressure mounts on Kenya’s president after university massacre

Political pressure mounted on Kenya's president on Wednesday with scathing editorials and growing anger at a seven hour delay in the deployment...

Kenya says government official’s son was among gunmen in Garissa attack

The son of a Kenyan government official was one of the masked gunmen who killed nearly 150 people at a university last...

Prayers no defence as Kenya gunmen sought out non-Muslims

The mistake they made was to pray to Jesus. An eyewitness of the deadly assault by Somali Islamist militants on a Kenyan university...

Somali militants vow to turn Kenyan cities “red with blood”

Somali militants vowed on Saturday to wage a long war against Kenya and run its cities "red with blood" after the group's...

Al Shabaab kills at least 147 at Kenyan university; siege ends

Gunmen from the Islamist militant group al Shabaab stormed a university in Kenya and killed at least 147 people on Thursday, in...