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Algerian patrol boat deliveries nearly concluded

France’s Ocea has nearly fulfilled Algeria’s order for ten FPB 98 patrol boats, having delivered six, with the seventh to follow shortly. The third vessel,...

Algeria getting ready to receive third FPB 98 patrol boat

France’s Ocea has finished the construction of a third FPB 98 patrol boat for the Algerian Navy, which was seen at Saint Nazaire on...

Algeria getting more FPB 98 patrol boats

The Algerian Navy has started taking delivery of ten new FPB 98 patrol boats from France’s Ocea, with the second one departing St Nazaire,...


Additional troop deployment is welcome and shows the need for a strong SANDF

The announcement on Wednesday 14 July that 25 000 members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) will be deployed to help counter...