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SAAF still not meeting flying hour targets

The number of hours SA Air Force (SAAF) platforms spent aloft during the 2020/21 financial year was just over 13 700 – 80% of...

SAAF misses flying hour targets

The SA Air Force (SAAF) did not meet its own set targets for flying hours in the 2019/20 financial year, with total hours and...

SAAF flew less than allocated flight hours in 2016/17

The SA Air Force (SAAF) left nearly 20% of its allocated flying hours unused for the 2016/16 financial year. The latest annual report...

SAAF flying hours down

The SAAF flew 300 force employment hours less than it did in the previous financial year and 1 700 hours fewer than...

SAAF force employment flying hours slightly up in 2014/15

The Department of Defence annual report for 2014/14 indicates the SA Air Force flew just over five thousand hours in the year...