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Exercise Flintlock 2018 begins in Niger

Exercise Flintlock 2018 officially kicked off during an opening ceremony on 11 April in Niamey, Niger. Approximately 1,900 service members from more than...

US to participate in Ex Flintlock 2018

The US Department of State has confirmed the US military will take part in Exercise Flintlock, U.S. Africa Command's (AFRICOM) annual and...

Africom preparing for Ex Flintlock 2018

Approximately 1,500 service members from 20 African and western partner nations will participate in Exercise Flintlock 2018 at multiple locations in Niger,...


Communicate don’t abrogate!

The senior officer cadre of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) communications component, officially the Directorate: Corporate Communication (DCC), employed a barely plausible excuse...