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Governments lag firms in planning for euro split

Cashpoints freezing, savers besieging banks, riots, shortages - a euro zone breakup could bring chaos. But while some governments are tentatively thinking...

European economic slowdown a problem for Africa-WTO

The euro zone crisis will continue to hamper African countries' trade and economic growth because of the continent's dependence on exporting to...

China factories stall; euro zone looks bleak

The euro zone economy showed signs of contraction in November and China's factory sector shrank by the most in more than 2-1/2...

Euro zone treads obstacle course to crisis exit

The euro zone has to tread a narrow path sown with landmines in the next few weeks to survive perhaps the most...

Italy “clear and present danger” to euro zone – Cameron

Italy represents a clear and present danger to the euro zone, said Prime Minister David Cameron. "What is happening in Italy is a...

Emerging nations should aid euro zone via IMF-Putin

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that major emerging economies should provide financial support to the euro zone, fighting a sovereign debt...