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Kenya police aid colleagues in escape

Kenyan police helped two colleagues arrested for suspected corruption escape custody by firing warning shots to scare off anti-graft officers holding them,...

Prisoners escape during Tripoli fighting

Some 400 prisoners escaped from a jail in Libya's capital while fighting between rival armed groups raged nearby, a judiciary official said...

Migrants escape from Libyan smuggling hub

More than 100 East African migrants escaped from smugglers holding them captive near the Libyan town of Bani Walid earlier last week,...

Ivory Coast prisoners on the run

Close to 100 prisoners escaped from prison in central Ivory Coast on Sunday in one of many security breaches in the West...

Twenty escape police custody at Ivory Coast courthouse

Twenty people escaped custody after assaulting police officers at the courthouse in Ivory Coast's main city Abidjan, justice official said on Wednesday,...

Fugitives recaptured in DR Congo

Congolese authorities said they recaptured 179 fugitives who broke out of the capital's main prison, in a mass escape underscoring growing security...