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Militants attack ENI pipeline in Nigeria’s Delta

Militants attacked a crude oil pipeline operated by Italy's ENI on Saturday, a Nigerian state government said, hours after the Niger Delta...

Militants attack Agip pipeline in Nigeria’s Bayelsa state

A crude oil pipeline in Nigeria's southern state of Bayelsa operated by the local subsidiary of Italy's Eni was attacked on Sunday,...

ENI gas pipeline in Nigeria’s Delta attacked

Unknown attackers have blown up a gas pipeline belonging to Italy's ENI in Nigeria's Niger Delta, residents and the company said on...

Nigeria arrests person suspected of bombing ENI pipeline

Nigeria has arrested a person suspected of having bombed an oil pipeline belonging to Italy's ENI in the southern Delta region, the...

Suspected cultists attack Eni gas facility in Nigeria

Suspected cultists attacked a gas storage facility run by the local arm of Italian oil company Eni in Nigeria's oil-rich delta region,...

Car bomb damages Italy’s ENI joint venture office in Libyan capital

A car bomb went off in Libya's capital Tripoli on Monday in front of the headquarters of Mellitah, an oil and gas...


Misleading SANDF post removed after defenceWeb intervention

One imagines at least a handful of the more than seven thousand followers of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) LinkedIn social media account...