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Western diplomats express deep concern over Zimbabwe crisis

Western diplomats in Zimbabwe expressed deep concern on Friday over a deteriorating political and economic crisis, and said the government should stop using the...

Policy paralysis in Egypt as economic crisis mounts

Faced with economic threats on several fronts, Egypt's rulers look unlikely to come up with a coherent policy response as the country...

Sudan to cut budget, tax more, employ fewer foreigners

Sudan wants to overcome a severe economic crisis by cutting spending and imports, taxing more people and relying less on foreign workers,...

Africa needs to rebuild crisis defences: IMF

With its economies recovering, Africa needs to start rebuilding reserves and thinking about tightening spending to build defences against future crises, the...

Did Morocco not experience an economic crisis?

According to figures from the Direction des études et perspectives financières, (DEPF), Morocco's economy grew by at least 5.3% in 2009 amid...