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Desert migrant deaths more likely than in Mediterranean – UN

West African migrants trying to reach Europe are dying in far greater numbers in the Sahara than in the Mediterranean but efforts...

Islamic State set up desert army after loss of Sirte

Islamic State militants in Libya set up a desert army composed of at least three brigades after they lost their Sirte stronghold...

Migrant bodies found in Libya’s eastern desert

Libyan security forces found the bodies of 16 migrants in the desert near the country's border with Egypt. The bodies were found about...

Dead migrants found in Libya desert

Libyan aid workers recovered the bodies of 19 migrants believed to be Egyptians in Libya's eastern desert, a Red Crescent spokesman said. The...

Migrants rescued in Sahara desert

Authorities in Niger rescued over 100 migrants abandoned by traffickers in the Sahara desert as they tried to cross into neighbouring Libya...