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Czech-Hungarian joint venture buys military jet maker Aero Vodochody

Czech defence and security group Omnipol said on Thursday it had acquired domestic aircraft maker Aero Vodochody Aerospace in a joint venture with Hungarian...

Czech woman dies in Egypt after being stabbed

A Czech woman stabbed in an Egyptian holiday resort earlier this month has died, the Czech Foreign Ministry said. The woman was among...

Nigeria receiving T-72s and other weapons from Czech Republic

The Nigerian military is receiving 16 armoured vehicles, including T-72 tanks, from the Czech Republic in order to help it in the...

Three Czechs charged with espionage in Zambia

Three Czech tourists face up to 30 years in prison in Zambia if convicted of espionage after taking pictures near military installation...

Czechs order obese soldiers to tighten belts

The Czech army has shrunk to just a quarter of its size since Prague shrugged off the yoke of Communism two decades...