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Defence Ministry Code of Conduct for soldiers deployed to assist police

The manner and methods soldiers can use during the just started deployment to assist in halting rampant looting, rioting and violence is defined by...

SANDF issues code of conduct specifically for Operation Notlela

What a retired senior army officer calls “a rather densely written 10 page document” and a military analyst feels is not “good enough” to...

Aid groups split over new Italian rules for migrant rescue

Five aid groups operating migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean refuse to sign up to the Italian government's code of conduct, the...

Italy seeking code of conduct for charity ships

The Italian government threatened to shut humanitarian groups operating migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean out of the country's ports if they...

Italy drafts code of conduct for NGO migrant boats

The Italian government, looking to stem the flow of migrants to the country, has drawn up a draft code of conduct for...