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Chute Systems continues Namibian military training

South Africa's Chute Systems continues to train Namibia's special forces and paratroopers, and has established a Military Parachute School in the country. Namibia...

Chute Systems not just about parachutes

Chute Systems is not just concerned with training soldiers how to jump out of aircraft, as its name may imply. Rather, this...

Private Military Training

Chute Systems is a world leader in the training of military personnel. The company was created in 2003 by a core group of ex-South...

Military Free Fall – Chute Systems

“The act of parachuting, which involves throwing oneself into space, is not a natural act. The parachute is a means of transport and many...

Basic Static Line Parachute Jump Course – May 2012

Chute Systems presented yet another successful Basic Static Line Parachute Jump Course under the expert guidance of Waldo Krahenbuhl (Co-owner of Chute Systems)...