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ISS: Cattle rustling – from cultural practice to deadly organised crime

Cattle rustling or raiding is no longer a cultural practice, but a form of organised crime committed by international criminal networks. It is facilitated...

ISS: Organised crime moves in on South Africa’s livestock industry

Stock theft is on the rise in South Africa according the latest police statistics. The 29 672 cases recorded in the 2018-19 financial year...

ISS: Cross-border arms trafficking inflames northern Kenya’s conflict

Arms trafficking and cattle rustling are driving local conflict in Kenya’s northern border county of Marsabit. Scores have been killed in the politically motivated...

ISS: Cattle robbery threatens Madagascar’s peace and security

Cattle theft in Madagascar is becoming an increasingly violent crime, with bandits terrorising villages by stealing, killing victims and taking cattle owners...

ISS: Africa’s violent trade in cattle, guns and bullets

Cattle rustling is by no means a new problem in Africa. Pastoral communities in East Africa and the Horn have dealt with...

Clashes in Kenya reveal the need to control illegal weapons

Cattle rustling is not new to northwest Kenya. For generations, it has been a way of life in this rugged part of...