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Cash runs out in Khartoum

Many cash machines in the Sudanese capital ran out of banknotes as government scrambles to prevent economic collapse with a sharp devaluation...

Foreign aid to Zambian social welfare scheme halted

Britain and Finland have frozen funding to Zambia on suspicion that $4 million they channelled into a social welfare scheme may have...

Protest over cash in transit heists in South Africa

Crews on South Africa's armoured vans staged a national protest demanding the right to bear arms and kill assailants following a spate...

UAE denounces Somali seizure of cash

The United Arab Emirates denounced the seizure by Somali security staff of several million dollars from one of its civilian aircraft at...

Cash crunch driving South Sudan troops and families to the edge

Three years into a civil war and with inflation above 800%, South Sudan's government is struggling to pay its troops. When delayed...

Zimbabwe finance minister blames sanctions for cash crunch

Zimbabwe's finance minister on Sunday blamed international sanctions for a cash crunch that has forced the government to delay wages to soldiers...