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Cameroon Navy’s floating dock in action

The Cameroon Navy is using its new floating dock to maintain its vessels, after acquiring the dock from China to improve naval platform serviceability. Cameroon’s...

Cameroon’s Navy to purchase two American patrol boats

The Cameroonian Navy plans to acquire two American-made 110-foot type patrol boats this year in order to bolster the country’s ability to effectively secure...

Second hand patrol boat Dipikar delivered to Cameroon

Cameroon's Navy has taken delivery of the second hand patrol boat CNS Dipikar, which recently arrived at the Douala naval base. CNS Dipikar...

Cameroon to soon receive second hand patrol boat

Cameroon's navy will soon take delivery of the ex-French patrol vessel Dipikar, which has just finished its sea trials. The vessel was...

Cameroon Navy to receive two warships from China

Cameroon's Navy will receive two patrol vessels from China, where they are presently under construction. The two vessels, with pennant numbers P108 and...

Cameroon Navy receives new patrol vessels, landing craft

Cameroon's Navy has taken delivery of two new Spanish patrol boats and a landing craft, providing a major boost to the country...

Cameroon’s military trains new sailors during lifesaver course

Cameroonian Navy sailors have taken a three-day combat lifesaver course directed by members of the Cameroon military and observed by US personnel...

Cameroon’s navy acquires three anti-piracy boats

Cameroon has taken delivery of three new Boston Whaler patrol boats from the United States as it counters the threat of piracy...