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Egyptian authorities say they blocked Brotherhood financing scheme

Egyptian authorities said on Thursday they had blocked a scheme aimed at financing the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and alleged a link to the imprisoned...

Death sentences sought for 2013 Egyptian sit-in

An Egyptian court will transfer the cases of 75 people convicted of security-related offences, including senior Muslim Brotherhood figures, to Egypt's top...

Brotherhood supporters jailed over 2014 Cairo clashes

Thirty-three supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood were sentenced to prison terms ranging from seven years to life over violent clashes at...

Muslim Brotherhood supporters jailed by military court

A military court sentenced 141 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to up to 15 years in prison on Tuesday for ransacking public...

Egypt liberals end electoral pact with Islamists

Egypt's leading liberal party Wafd has scrapped an electoral alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, the country's largest political force, because it wants...