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More than a thousand boat migrants rescued off Libya

Rescuers plucked more than a thousand migrants from overcrowded boats near Libya on Wednesday morning, Italy's coast guard said, the most reported...

EUNavFor Med rescuing boat migrants by the hundreds

August and September to date has seen the two single largest rescues of migrants by EUNavFor Med, the EU military operation launched...

Gambia’s Jammeh wants ICC to investigate migrant deaths

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has called for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the deaths of African migrants trying to cross...

EUNavFor Med to tackle human smuggling

The EU has taken a decision to create a naval force to disrupt human smugglers in the Mediterranean. The force, to be known...

Israel sees migrant tragedy as validating policy of keeping them away

Israel said the drowning of hundreds of Africans off Libya's coast was tragic but validated its own policy of having buffered its...

Boat people numbers near the 350, 000 mark for 2014

The UN refugee agency has warned the international community is losing its focus on saving lives amid confusion among coastal nations and...