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Turkey donates more Kirpi APCs to Somalia

Turkey has donated another eight Kirpi armoured personnel carriers to Somalia along with 14 Aktan military trucks. The vehicles were handed over to the Somali...

Tunisia a big customer for Turkish military hardware

Five Turkish companies have sold Tunisia $150 million worth of military hardware in recent times, from unmanned aerial vehicles to armoured personnel carriers. In late...

Turkey donates Kirpi armoured vehicles to Somalia

Turkey has donated 12 Kirpi armoured personnel carriers and a 12 pickups to Somalia’s military as part of military and financial cooperation agreements. The 12...

Tunisia orders armoured vehicles from Turkey’s BMC, UAVs from Aerovironment

Tunisia has ordered more armoured vehicles from Turkish defence company BMC, and is also due to receive eight unmanned aerial vehicles from Aerovironment in...

Libya’s UN-backed government receives large arms shipment

Forces loyal to Libya’s UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) have received dozens of armoured vehicles and other arms, including Turkish-made Kirpi vehicles. The vehicles...