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Mali receives armoured vehicles from the UAE, EU

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is supplying 30 Typhoon armoured vehicles to Mali’s military to improve its ability to fight growing insecurity in the...

Senegal acquires more Bastion armoured vehicles

It has emerged that Senegal is now operating an additional batch of Arquus Bastion armoured personnel carriers (APCs), which were seen for the first...

US donates Bastion armoured vehicles to Kenya

The United States has donated 12 Bastion armoured personnel carriers (APCs) to the Kenya Defence Force to help secure its borders and...

Uganda receives Bastion armoured vehicles for Amisom mission

The Ugandan military has received Acmat Bastion armoured personnel carriers (APCs) from the United States for its contingent with the African Union...

Bastion armoured vehicles in service with Mali

Mali's armed forces have taken delivery of Bastion armoured vehicles manufactured by French company Acmat, and were recently trained how to use...

United States ordered Acmat Bastion APCs for African partners

The 62 armoured personnel carriers ordered last month by the United States Department of Defence for five African nations are Bastion vehicles...

Togo operating Bastion armoured vehicles

Togo's armed forces have received 30 Bastion wheeled armoured vehicles from French company Acmat, as part of a programme to rebuild the...


Presidential pep talk on Armed Forces Day

President Cyril Ramaphosa had his Commander-in-Chief cap on when he addressed the country’s airmen, military medics, sailors and soldiers in Polokwane last Friday. Sadly, he...