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Old Crows meet at the Aardvark Roost electronic warfare conference

They operate in the shadows, hidden in research and development laboratories, but the Old Crows are at the forefront of electronic warfare (EW) and...

Aardvark Roost holds Little Crow EW conference in Simons Town

Electronic warfare (EW) interest group Aardvark Roost held its 16th Mini Aardvark Roost Conference in Simons Town in the Western Cape, where...

Electronic warfare unpacked on day one of AOC EW conference

Electronic and cyber warfare are rapidly evolving and many of their diverse facets were explored during the first conference day of the...

AOC gearing up for electronic warfare conference

The Association of Old Crows (AOC) Aardvark Roost Chapter is getting ready to host its biennial Electronic Warfare South Africa (EWSA) 2017...

Electronic Warfare and the maritime domain

South African Electronic Warfare (EW) researchers and local technology industry participants have been requested to develop "the right toolsets" to allow the...

Electronic Warfare conference report shows new threats and opportunities

The Electronic Warfare Africa Conference, hosted by the CSIR, has revealed many possibilities and also vulnerabilities in the South African National Defence...

Old Crows meet at Aardvark Roost

The names of the organisations may sound peculiar, but their members are technically talented and the results of their endeavours are a...