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Gabon orders more hardware from Nexter

Gabon has ordered unmanned ground vehicles, mobile medical shelters, positioning systems and unmanned aerial vehicles from France's Nexter. The contracts were announced by...

Gabon receives first Aravis armoured vehicle for peacekeeping deployment

Nexter has handed over the first Aravis armoured vehicle to Gabon, which will use the type for peacekeeping operations in the Central...

Gabon buys Aravis armoured vehicles from Nexter

Gabon's military has bought 12 Aravis armoured vehicles from French company Nexter, which will be used to support Gabon's battalion with the...


Presidential pep talk on Armed Forces Day

President Cyril Ramaphosa had his Commander-in-Chief cap on when he addressed the country’s airmen, military medics, sailors and soldiers in Polokwane last Friday. Sadly, he...