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Presidential edict extends South Africa’s anti-piracy commitment

South Africa's contribution to continental counter-piracy – Operation Copper – along the east coast has been extended for another 12 months. The announcement...

Swede now heading up Operation Atalanta force HQ

Rear Admiral Jonas Haggren of the Royal Swedish Navy assumed command of Operation Atalanta's Force Headquarters (FHQ) during a ceremony held in...

Operation Copper’s time almost up

South Africa's current three year anti-piracy commitment in the Mozambique Channel, Operation Copper, is due to end in six weeks' time with...

Mozambique Channel contact for Amatola

With just over two weeks logged on her latest anti-piracy patrol deployment in the Mozambique Channel SAS Amatola has recorded her first...

South African Navy to resume maritime security operations in Mozambique Channel

The South African Navy will resume anti-piracy patrols off Mozambique and Tanzania later this month, with the SAS Drakensberg returning for her...

Russia seeking to deploy reconnaissance aircraft to Djibouti

Russia is seeking to base two Ilyushin Il-38 maritime surveillance aircraft to Djibouti in support of its anti-piracy operations in the Gulf...

Pause in South African anti-piracy mission

South Africa has temporarily halted anti-piracy patrols in the Mozambique Channel and the waters off the Tanzanian coast. The Navy has maintained an...