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UCT develops way to measure Antarctic sea-ice using ship-mounted radar

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is investigating a way to use a type of continuous wave (CW) radar to measure Antarctica’s sea ice...

SA to take leading role in Antarctic expedition

South Africa will play a leading role in a major international scientific expedition next year to survey the underside of the Larsen...

Agulhas II back from Antarctica

SA Agulhas II berthed in Cape Town yesterday after her successful second relief voyage to Antarctica. She is a specialist icebreaking polar supply...

SA Agulhas II returns from maiden Antarctica voyage

The Department of Environmental Affairs polar research vessel SA Agulhas II arrived back in Cape Town on Tuesday having successfully completed its...

Maiden trip down south for Agulhas II

The new polar research vessel SA Agulhas II embarked on a 26 day shakedown cruise to the edge of the ice shelf...

HMS Protector cuts through Antarctic ice for first time

The HMS Protector, the Royal Navy's newest ice patrol ship, has cut through the ice floes of Antarctica for the first time,...