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Iraq buys Husky 2G route clearance vehicles

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence has purchased Husky 2G route clearance vehicles from DCD Protected Mobility in a deal worth more than...

Breakthrough in protected mobility coming at AAD

A new medium-sized utility truck (MUT) will be launched by DCD Protected Mobility at AAD. Delegates and visitors to the 2014 event, from...

DCD training Nigerian police on Springbuck APCs

DCD Protected Mobility has been training Nigerian Police Force personnel on the Springbuck VI armoured personnel carrier at its facilities at Isando...

Husky 2G makes the blast and ballistic test grade

After being exposed to stringent ballistic and blast tests at the CSIR's Paardefontein test facility outside Pretoria, DCD Protected Mobility's two-man operated...

Budget cuts, Afghanistan withdrawal negatively affecting MRAP market

The international armoured vehicles market is facing challenging times, especially as the US and its partners withdraw from Afghanistan, potentially flooding the...

US Army receives final Husky vehicles from DCD

DCD Protected Mobility has completed the final batch of Husky mine detection vehicles for the United States military and is about to...