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Algeria receives additional MiG-29s

Algeria has apparently taken delivery of the first of 14 new MiG-29M/M2 aircraft it ordered from Russia in 2019. This is according to menadefense.net, which...

Algerian Su-30s spotted on Russian production line

Russia’s Irkutsk Aviation Plant is presently manufacturing Su-30 fighters for the Algerian Air Force, after it placed an order for another 16 aircraft. At least...

Algeria modernising Su-24s

The Algerian Air Force is overhauling and upgrading its Su-24 strike aircraft fleet, with the first six at the 514 Aviation Repair Plant in...

Algeria orders more Su-30, MiG-29 fighters from Russia

The Algerian Air Force will be receiving additional Su-30MKA and MiG-29M/M2 fighters from Russia after contracts worth nearly $2 billion were signed. Russian daily newspaper...

Algerian L-39 lost in crash

The Algerian Air Force has lost one of its L-39 jet trainers in a fatal crash which killed both pilots. The aircraft came down on...

Algerian Air Force C-130 destroyed in runway excursion

An Algerian Air Force C-130 Hercules transport has been destroyed in a runway excursion after returning from a training exercise. Photos show the...

Further Algerian Mi-26 deliveries underway

Deliveries of a second batch of Mi-26T2 heavy lift helicopters to the Algerian Air Force is underway, with the aircraft seen transiting...

Algerian Su-30MKA deliveries underway

The Algerian Air Force is in the process of receiving its new Su-30MKAs, with deliveries of 14 aircraft set to conclude early...

Ilyushin refurbishing Algerian Il-76s

Russia's Ilyushin has overhauled two Algerian Air Force Il-76TD aircraft and delivered them last year, and in December received more Il-76TDs for...

Russia will conclude Algerian Su-30 deliveries in 2017

Russia's Irkut will deliver 14 Su-30MKA fighter jets to Algeria over the coming year, augmenting its existing fleet of 44 Su-30MKAs. Algeria...


Are SANDF communicators losing the plot?

Apart from somewhat poor communication with its various external audiences, there also appears to be a lack of communication internally at the SA National...