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A new era for the US defence market

After years of unprecedented growth, the pace of overall US defence spending appears to have reached a plateau, and will likely commence...

Boeing Laser Avenger destroys IEDs in test

Boeing and the US Army have successfully completed a test in which a laser system mounted on an Avenger combat vehicle destroyed 50 improvised...

Analysis: Obama’s Afghan strategy

US President Barack Obama announced the broad structure of his Afghanistan strategy in a speech at West Point on Tuesday evening.   The strategy had three...

US Army looks to lighten load for soldiers

The US Army is poised to introduce a plate-carrier vest to provide soldiers more lightweight gear in the challenging operational environments of...

The US challenge in Afghanistan

The decision over whether to send more US troops into Afghanistan may wait until the contested Afghan election is resolved, US officials say. The announcement...


Question for Public Works and Infrastructure Minister uses defenceWeb information

Public Works and Infrastructure Minister Patricia de Lille’s R37 million Beit Bridge fence upgrade as part of government efforts to prevent the spread of...