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Ahrlac advances as business rescue nears completion

Production of Ahrlac aircraft at the factory at Wonderboom airport is proceeding apace as Paramount nears completion of the programme’s business rescue plans. The state-of-the-art...

Ahrlac business rescue plan approved

A business rescue plan for the Ahrlac aircraft has been adopted, which should lead the way to the reopening of the factory and production...

Ahrlac business rescue plan announced

In the on-going legal saga over the Ahrlac aircraft, the business rescue practitioner (BRP) appointed to settle the shareholder battle has arrived at a...

Business rescue underway for Ahrlac

The Aerospace Development Corporation (ADC), which is developing the Ahrlac aircraft, is currently undergoing business rescue proceedings in order to ensure the sustainability of...

Business rescue for Ahrlac?

Paramount Aerospace Holdings, a subsidiary of Paramount Group, has made an application for the commencement of business rescue proceedings for the Aerospace Development Corporation...