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Eritrea denies involvement protest against UN Sanctions

Eritrea's information minister is denying Asmara's involvement in a planned protest march next week at the White House against the recent United...

Eritrean rebels claim they killed 17 intelligence agents

An Eritrean rebel group claims it killed 17 intelligence agents in a strike against a government increasingly painted as a pariah state...

Poor Eritreans increasingly joining gold rush

More than a dozen foreign mining firms are now working in Eritrea, but poor villagers in the Red Sea state's remote lowlands...

Eritrean economy untouched by UN sanctions

Eritrea said that its economy will be unaffected by the UN sanctions imposed on the nation, which were an international response to...

Eritrean official denies border demarcation with Ethiopia

An Eritrean government official has described reports that an international body will soon demarcate the border between his country and Ethiopia as...

Eritrea claims it killed 10 Ethiopian troops

Eritrea's government has said its troops killed 10 Ethiopian soldiers after they attacked Eritrean positions on New Year's Day, something Addis Ababa...

Eritrea denies aiding Somalia’s Islamist rebels

Eritrea's UN envoy denied that his country has been supporting Islamist rebel’s intent on toppling neighbouring Somalia's fragile government and said there...

Eritrea warns West against imposing sanctions

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki said the international community would regret moves to impose sanctions on the country, a government website said.   The UN...


Misleading SANDF post removed after defenceWeb intervention

One imagines at least a handful of the more than seven thousand followers of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) LinkedIn social media account...