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DR Congo declares yellow fever epidemic

Democratic Republic of Congo declared a yellow fever epidemic in three provinces including the capital Kinshasa on Monday after confirming 67 cases...

Rebel-backed charcoal traffickers allegedly destroy swathes of Congo forest

Huge swathes of forest land in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Virunga National Park are being destroyed for valuable charcoal by criminals...

Uganda accuses Congo army of killing four of its police

Uganda said on Monday four policemen patrolling on its side of Lake Albert had been killed by Congolese troops and demanded Kinshasa...

Congo president shows would-be successor who is in charge

"You won't scare us!" was how the Congolese leadership responded this week to Western threats of sanctions unless President Joseph Kabila ends...

Angola eyes extension to maritime border with Congo

Angola is trying to reach an agreement with neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo before it submits a request to the United Nations...


Are SANDF communicators losing the plot?

Apart from somewhat poor communication with its various external audiences, there also appears to be a lack of communication internally at the SA National...